Tax Free Investments in Domestic Oil & Gas

Tax Free Investments in Domestic Oil & Gas

The economic recession of 2008 hit all of us hard.  The climb back out of this recession has been slow and painful as well.  Fortunately the stock market has fought its way back up and is doing quite well, but investing there isn’t for everyone and stocks still get taxed too.  Many people are exhausted with taxes and feel like they aren’t getting what they should for how much they have to pay.  Others would simply like to have a place to invest in which will be secure and guaranteed to grow in the long run and not have a sizable chunk lost when they receive dividends or decide to divest.


One of the best sectors to invest in at this point in time turns out to be in domestic oil and gas.  Many might say that is absurd considering the dropping rates of a barrel of oil and the filling of America’s oil reserve containers.  However, that is simply because they are looking at the past six months and only the near future.  Demand for oil and gas is still increasing, and will continue to increase for many years to come as large countries like China and India continue to develop.  The millions of people living in these countries who are having their standard of living increased will need energy.


The best part bitOnDeck-large-300x199of investing in domestic oil and gas though is your investments are tax free.  The U.S. Congress passed the Tax Reform Act in 1986 and in the act it made direct investment in domestic gas and oil not classified as “Passive Income”.  That’s not all though, there are equipment depreciation tax deductibles available and a depletion allowance as well which makes 15 cents of every dollar non-taxable – this means its tax-sheltered income.  Investing in domestic gas and oil through a company such as Southern Energy Group can provide you with all the information you want to know about this kind of investment and will ensure that you make the most out of your money.

When we look at the facts and over a longer period of time it’s easy to see that the cost of oil will eventually begin to climb back up.  If you’re looking for an investment that you can put your money into and will begin showing its worth both now and later in the future then consider investing in domestic oil and gas.  Unlike stocks in a single company you won’t have to worry about it suddenly going under – people will always need energy and your investments won’t be taxed so heavily that you’re left with only a fraction of what you deserve.  Lastly, investing in our own country helps provide jobs at home.

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