Domestic Investment Safer Than Foreign Investment

Domestic Investment Safer Than Foreign Investment

Stability in the Middle East continues to be an elusive wish which will apparently take longer than many had hoped.  ISIS is continuing to gain ground with the recent capture of Ramadi in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria.  Many had thought that ISIS would be more quickly put down especially given the recent wave of air strikes being carried out against them.  These two victories for them bode poorly for the future of eradicating ISIS and returning stability to the region.  With this lack of stability will come a number of other issues.

One of the biggest issues is the oil fields and the means for exporting oil out of the country.  Since ISIS’s rise they have captured numerous oil fields and have gained control over routes used for exporting oil.  This has made oil exports from this area unreliable and anyone who had an investment here is losing millions on a weekly basis.  Meanwhile, in America we are experiencing a resurgence in oil and natural resource drilling thanks in part to improved technology.  With growing oil demands’ cropping up across the world, particularly in Asia and instability in the Middle East the price of oil is going to continue rising.

This is one of the reasons Southern Energy Group is continuing to expand their holdings by acquiring the Cude “D” Lease in Caldwell County, Texas.  Not only is this a safe and guaranteed investment, but it will add greatly to the company’s long-term growth with extremely limited risk.  This adds value to the company and for all of their partners.  For those looking for safe long term investments the time for investing domestically again has come.  Investing in domestic natural gas and oil production provides investors not only with safety, but also less taxes on their returns.

pumpjacks-at-sunset-shortThe world has become a lot more treacherous in the last decade or so due to territorial disputes in Asia, government collapses in the Middle East and aggression from Russia in Europe.  We are fortunate in America to not have such troubles.  We are also seeing a great deal of quantitative easing happening across the world which may have positive or negative impacts on the economy, but it will definitely cause uncertainty in the stock markets.  Fortunately, natural resources are a good which are always needed, so concern of them suddenly dropping and never going back up is not needed.  It’s time for the American people to show the world it’s true capabilities again and one of the best methods for doing that is by investing in ourselves.


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