Acquiring More Wells

Acquiring More Wells

Investing is a tricky business.  Many people want to invest their money rather than have it sit in a bank gaining nearly zero percent interest.  The problem is finding the right investments which is challenging in the current economic environment.  The stock market is on its way up right now, but not every stock is always going up, and there is always the game of trying to buy in at a low point during the day and not the high point.  Then, you have to ask yourself when you will sell that stock.  If you hold onto it too long it could drop below what you originally purchased it for, but if you sell it too soon you may lose out on value.

One investment that is secure and will steadily gain value over time is American oil and natural gas.  Southern Energy Group (SEG) recently purchased the Cude “B” lease in Caldwell County, Texas.  This lease has wells producing in the Austin Chalk and Dale Lime reservoirs.  These wells are a part of the greater Buchanan Field which is a section of the gargantuan Luling-Branyon oil field.  These wells are located along the ascent side of the Luling-Branyon Fault which is ideal because this location means the wells will be more productive allowing Southern Energy Group to maximize their returns on development.

Southern Energy Group’s aim is to acquire strategically sound leases that contain wells with plentiful reservesderrickInSunset.  They have the knowledge and experience to increase the production of these reserves as they develop these leases.  Due to the ever-increasing demand of oil and natural gas worldwide, Southern Energy Group believes that this development strategy will prove fruitful in the long-term growth of the company and its investors with limited risk.  For investors who are struggling to find a long-term investment option outside of the stock market, this is one of the best available options.

In addition to the knowledge that oil and natural gas will continue to grow in demand, there is legislation which was passed a couple decades ago which makes much of the returns on investments in American carbon reserves tax free.  This allows investors to not only earn money but also be assured that their investment won’t be taxed to oblivion when they need it.  Southern Energy Group is based out of Tennessee with operations primarily in Texas.  The company has over five decades worth of experience in geological survey and oil drilling and development.  Their goal is to continue finding productive assets which will add major value to the company and its partners.

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